She dances through the courtyard; joy dripping from her cheeks. Her fingers reach up to tickle the air. Her eyes smile as they meet mine. Hugs are free and plentiful. Love for her is easy; no questions, just love. She doesn’t know how to hate. Isn’t that marvelous? Our world needs more love, more unadulterated joy, more free hugs and less discrimination. Sadly, much of our world doesn’t agree. Many don’t like her kind of love. They don’t want her hugs. They would rather seek “perfection” as they see it, rather than seeing the pure perfection that is right here in this magnificent soul. Up to a heartbreaking 95% of this love is aborted in the United States.

New Year, New Baby, New Post

I’m trying to get the hang of being a mother of 5 children. The toughest for me is having a toddling, 2 year old boy. He is a delight and his energy and enthusiasm are endless. I must admit being a little nervous about S’s reaction to his new little brother, as well as his behavior toward him. He has been nothing but gentle, concerned and loving. He will hear the baby cry and make sure that I know that he is crying. He will rub his head and say, “Otay, baby.” I am sure they will be good, good pals.
Motherhood, while (I believe) it is the toughest job on the planet, is also the most fulfilling. At the end of the day, as I assess it all, I fall asleep smiling at the bountiful blessings that come with my vocation. I am loved. I am blessed.

Woo Woo!

My boy is all about things that go. What boy isn’t? Among his favorites are, of course, trains. We took him to the local train tracks for his 2 year old photo shoot. He thought it was pretty fantastic that he could play with his trains on the real tracks!

Muddy Guy

S made a brilliant discovery at the soccer fields this morning–MUD!

Day with V Part II

V’s Birthday Date

My husband and I make it a point to take each of our children out alone to honor them. We call it their “Birthday Date” and we do whatever they choose (within limits, of course). Well, today was V’s day with me. Even though her birthday was in January, we finally got around to taking a whole day together. She chose a day of beauty at the salon followed by a tea party/photo shoot (with Starbucks and lots of other little things in between). We had a very sweet day. It’s amazing how much more you learn about your children when you spend this kind of time with them. I know we will both cherish the memories made today.

Big Boy, Bath and Choo Choo

Sweet, sweet boy-new noises, new energy, new love!

Spring Fun and a Neighbor’s Dog

Bath time

It’s good to be back!




  1. Marcia Jay wrote: I LOVE it! Welcome back! Thanks for sharing! These are precious and you've brightened my day by sharing them. You're a wonderful mother! You inspire me to start blogging again! Love you, Chicka! :) (05/05/11, 11:20 am)

A Little Levity

The mere presence of little ones (not to mention adorably Halloweened-up little ones), during this week of sadness and loss, has brought so many smiles and such joy.  A difficult week is ahead for my family, but we are all together and faith-filled and will get through this.  During times like these, you can’t just curl up cry all day when you are a mother.  Children have needs and it is a blessing to be needed, especially now.