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October 2011

Woo Woo!

My boy is all about things that go. What boy isn’t? Among his favorites are, of course, trains. We took him to the local train tracks for his 2 year old photo shoot. He thought it was pretty fantastic that he could play with his trains on the real tracks!

Muddy Guy

S made a brilliant discovery at the soccer fields this morning–MUD!

Day with V Part II

V’s Birthday Date

My husband and I make it a point to take each of our children out alone to honor them. We call it their “Birthday Date” and we do whatever they choose (within limits, of course). Well, today was V’s day with me. Even though her birthday was in January, we finally got around to taking a whole day together. She chose a day of beauty at the salon followed by a tea party/photo shoot (with Starbucks and lots of other little things in between). We had a very sweet day. It’s amazing how much more you learn about your children when you spend this kind of time with them. I know we will both cherish the memories made today.