A Mother’s Sorrow

Yesterday we got the horrific news that my oldest brother died suddenly of a heart attack.  That one phone call has altered our lives forever.  No parent should ever lose their child.  It has been so painful, not only to realize that my brother is gone from this life, but to see my parents suffer through such anguish.

Eternal rest grant unto him Oh, Lord.

  1. Marcia Jay wrote: I am so sorry for your collective loss... this picture brings tears to my eyes...please love on your mom & dad for me. May you cling to each other as you cling to the cross. I love you... love, Marcia (10/30/10, 11:26 pm)

Birthday Date

Little R has been patiently awaiting her birthday date (a tradition we have recently started).  Today was R’s birthday date with Mommy!  She had big plans, indeed!  We painted pottery together, stumbled upon an amazing dollhouse museum, enjoyed a delicious lunch (with hot chocolate for my girl) and topped it off with a mani/pedi!  R is such a sweet, selfless and joyful little girl.  What a gift she is in our lives.  What a precious, precious gift.

  1. Matea wrote: Dear Joni, I feel like a broken record constantly repeating myself with "oh wow!" "how sweet!" etc. Your children, your work and yourself are true gift of God. (10/29/10, 6:55 am)

Sweetest Tooth Fairy Around

V had a little ballet performance this morning and was able to wear her Halloween costume.  She not only wanted to be a fairy, she wanted to be the Tooth Fairy!  Guess who had to figure out how to make that happen?  It was actually a really fun project and she was thrilled with the results, which is all that matters, right?  She was very poised in her class today and seemed to enjoy every moment.  It was an added bonus that her grandmother (my Mom) came to watch.

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  1. anna alepin wrote: Joni...you've got a gift! I cannot tell you enough! thank you for sharing your talent with the world :-) (10/28/10, 1:51 pm)

Wordless Wednesday

I realize this is supposed to be Wordless, but I’m so excited because my external hard drive (with lots of my favorite summer memories) had completely crashed  and was recently restored!

  1. AndMilesToGo wrote: what a relief about the hard drive--beautiful photos. (10/27/10, 3:14 am)

  2. Carrie wrote: Great shots! Happy WW! Glad to hear you were able to recover your pictures! (10/27/10, 3:42 am)

  3. Aleksandra wrote: Awesome pictures! Thank goodness the hard drive was restored. (10/27/10, 12:54 pm)

  4. suze wrote: yay!!! (10/28/10, 1:00 pm)

Under Arrest!

A weekend away and look what happens!  I mean it was frightening!

Thankfully, we had a police officer who was prepared for anything (including a flood!).

Take a good look at the criminal pictured below.  He is still on the loose and is armed with lots and lots of cuteness!

Lots of Licks

I am in meetings this weekend, but couldn’t leave without posting this delicious photo!  Have a beautiful weekend, everyone!

Wordless Wednesday

  1. Ollie McKay's Chic Boutique wrote: Well. . . this picture should be submitted to an Ad or modeling agency! Seriously ~ these kids are beautiful!! That's a fabulous photo! (10/20/10, 5:03 pm)

  2. Colleen (Shibley Smiles) wrote: Great photos! I love your revolving header too, such colorful and bright photos. Colleen Shibley Smiles (10/20/10, 5:18 pm)

  3. Layla Morgan Wilde AKA Boomer Muse wrote: As I flit about the WW links, yours was the first one I wanted to explore further, to dig into the archives and appreciate your talent. Much joy here. Happy WW! Love your header gif too (10/20/10, 7:23 pm)

  4. lilflwr wrote: Thanks so much, everyone! (10/20/10, 10:36 pm)

  5. Kelly wrote: Absolutely love them! Thanks so much for sharing your talent with my family! (10/21/10, 9:08 pm)

Tea for Two

I had the privilege of photographing the beautiful children of a high school classmate of mine.  The shoot turned out so well, that I couldn’t resist posting a teaser for you, Kelly.

Pumpkin Patch Time

We are spoiled with unseasonably warm and glorious weather this time of year.  A trip to the pumpkin patch is a must and we stumbled upon a perfect patch for the kids.  We were on our way to another when we realized that the line to get in to the place was way too long.  I had spotted a small sign for another pumpkin patch on our way to this one and so we thought we’d try it out.  Score!  It is clean, well thought out, has a wide variety of activities for all ages and is reasonably priced.

Monkey Business