Falling, Standing and Cruising

The boy is on the move!

  1. Jana Patterson wrote: I love how you got the leaves in midair. I love watching leaves fall! (10/15/10, 1:03 pm)

  2. Amber wrote: That is one happy kid enjoying a wonderful fall day! I love your photos as always, I wish the ones I took of my kids were as nice. Have you ever thought of doing family photography tips in a blog? (10/15/10, 8:48 pm)

Renaissance Fair

Crisp, Fall Air, Sword Fights, Fairies, Armor, Horses, Queen Elizabeth’s Court, Giants, Candy, Puppet Theatre, Giggles, Period Music, Archery and AAAARRRGGGG!

Wordless Wednesday

  1. Danielle wrote: Too cute!!! I love the colors, beautiful, fun, shot! (10/13/10, 1:42 am)

  2. Digital Flower wrote: Love the colors and subject of this photo. (10/13/10, 1:42 am)

  3. And Miles To Go... wrote: LOL--what a great shot! I love the composition. (10/13/10, 1:45 am)

  4. Michelle wrote: Oh she's incredibly brave holding that frog ....such a lovely model as well as beautiful light too... (10/13/10, 1:47 am)

  5. David wrote: Cute action shot! I love the toad's expression...as if to say 'What's happening to me?" David :-) Tropical Texana/ Houston (10/13/10, 2:00 am)

  6. Carrie wrote: Beautiful! And my 6 y/o would LOVE her - a girl after his own heart. lol Happy WW! (10/13/10, 2:58 am)

  7. Sukhmandir Kaur wrote: Eek not what I expected with all that pink LOL All of these are adorable!Love the scooter and cape :) (10/13/10, 3:09 am)

  8. Fia wrote: Lovely pictures. (10/13/10, 7:01 am)

  9. Liz wrote: Awesome capture! My entries: Moms... Check Nyo Yummy-as-can-be (10/13/10, 7:03 am)

  10. Beth F wrote: Fun shot. (10/13/10, 10:28 am)

  11. irina wrote: Beautiful photo!! Irina (10/13/10, 12:18 pm)

Super Girl and a Super Workshop!

I recently attended a photography workshop with the fabulous Barb Uil of http://jinkyart.com.au/blog.  It was refreshing to learn new techniques and to get fresh ideas.  I am going to be posting pictures from that workshop periodically.

My Guy

New Beginnings

Thank you for visiting my photo blog. It is here where I chronicle the evolution of my passion for photography. I have developed a new look-and-feel for this site that is more reflective of the images I enjoy taking and the style in which they are captured.  The new name, “Little Flower Photography,” comes from my favorite saint, St. Thérèse of Lisieux, “The Little Flower” (http://www.littleflower.org/abouttherese/learn/LifeStory.asp).

  1. Anna Alepin wrote: Joni, what a beautiful work of art! congratulations :-) (10/12/10, 5:29 pm)

  2. Marcia Jay wrote: love the new look! I love the pink baby carriage & frilly totoo. And you know I already love the tractor & safety goggle print!!! Very fun, fresh & you!! Love u! (10/16/10, 12:29 am)

  3. Sarah Payton wrote: Joni - You have the eye! These are fantastic! I am happy to send friends your way! Our entire family photo shoot was such fun and we got SO many great shots! You captured their essence! Thank you ! xo sarah (10/19/10, 1:03 am)

  4. lilflwr wrote: Thanks, Sarah. It was a pretty spontaneous shoot down at the lake. It would be fun to do another of your little family! Your kids are so sweet. (10/19/10, 1:06 am)